Take Charge and Never Stop, a candid conversation with an iconic leader and mentor on tips to navigate your career. What are the keys to your success and skills that you’ll need to master once you leave the academic environment and later to progress to ever more impactful stages of your professional journey. Find out in this engaging discussion with one of Canada’s iconic law firm leaders and mentor.

Join a discussion between Norman Bacal, one of Canada’s top leaders in the legal profession, speaker and author, and Boris Tsimerinov, deal-maker, investor and entrepreneur, on the topics of Mr. Bacal’s recent books; “Take Charge: The Skills That Build Professional Success” – a primer on the soft skills that make all the difference in one’s career, that no one is teaching; and, “Never Stop: How To Advance Your Career” – a powerful guide to overcoming inner limits to one’s success with efficiency and purpose.

Norman Bacal founded the Toronto office of Heenan Blaikie in 1989 and went on to build and lead the law firm for twenty five years, as it evolved into one of Canada’s leading brands. He was also among the world’s leading entertainment finance lawyers representing major Hollywood studios and serving on the board of directors of LionsGate for almost ten years.

In 2015 he retired from practice and since that time has been mentoring professionals and speaking regularly on university campuses and to professional firms about career development and leadership. He is a frequent keynote speaker and can be followed at https://www.linkedin.com/in/norman-bacal-16772a23/

Boris Tsimerinov (BCom 2004, GPLLM 2016) is the Founder and CEO of Semper8, a diversified firm with Semper8 Capital focused on mergers-and-acquisitions, family office private deals and portfolio improvements; Semper8 Health working on healthcare and wellness startups; and Semper8 Media growing to create socially impactful film and series projects. He can be followed at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tsimerinov/